Intensive Driving Courses in Manchester

For learner drivers looking to pass their practical driving test fast, an intensive driving course, otherwise known as a crash course or a fast pass driving course, can be an ideal solution. Whether you need to quickly fulfil a work requirement of obtaining a driving licence, are soon to be moving out of an area with good public transportation links, or are simply itching to get on the road, we can offer a driving lesson package that suits you.

Please be aware that the prices quoted below for intensive driving courses do not include the practical or theory test fees, which are payable to the DVSA and are currently £62 and £32 respectively. We can, however, book these tests for you at your local Manchester driving test centre free of charge.

If you are needing a practical driving test booked as soon as possible and are worried about having to wait weeks for an available test slot then don’t – use of our sophisticated practical test cancellation finder can be purchased for a small fee of £25 and is able to get you a test date within days.

The Intensive Driving Courses in Manchester we offer can be taken in lesson lengths of 3hrs, 5hrs or 6hrs, ensuring each driving lesson gives you enough time to accomplish various goals for the day and make real progress.

  • 10 hours – £190 If you have failed a practical test and need a comprehensive assessment of what went wrong, as well as targeted coaching to fix those faults then then this is an ideal course to ensure your next test is your last test.
  • 15 hours – £285 This course is best for people who have a good understanding of more complex roads and junctions and some knowledge of manoeuvres but are wanting to fill in any gaps left in their abilities and polish up all their skills to test standard.
  • 25 hours – £475 We recommend this course to drivers who have experience in a foreign country but are looking for driving lessons to get themselves qualified for British roads. The basics of controlling a car itself can be ignored, focusing instead on negotiating unfamiliar junctions and traffic flow and ensuring manoeuvres are performed correctly and safely.
  • 35 hours – £665 If you have started lessons elsewhere or have practised extensively with friends or relatives then we recommend this package of intensive driving lessons, ensuring control of the car is careful and confident regardless of the situation.
  • 45 hours – £665 For those with little to no experience behind the wheel wanting to start from the absolute basics.

Our intensive driving courses in Manchester typically last just one or two weeks, but you can also choose to learn with us on a semi-intensive basis drawn out over between 4 weeks and 2 months in line with your needs and availability. Our intensive driving instructors in Manchester are all highly qualified ADIs who specialise in delivering intensive courses, so regardless of your ability or attitude they will be able to help you Pass the L test quick!